Berlin street cars

Out in the street …

1964 Volvo Amazon 121 coupé.

Gorgeous Swedish redhead. Jättesnygg!

1979 Porsche 911 SC Targa.

"Louis van Gaal has nothing more to learn"

(Dutch soccer coach Louis van Gaal on Louis van Gaal)


Ger-ma-ny easy as 1-2-3: Seven Benzes for seven German goals at the 2014 World Cup semi final!
You know what W123 stands for, right?

W – for WTF!
1 – for Miro Klose, now all-time scoring leader in World Cup history,
2 – for 2 more goals by Toni Kroos,
3 – makes 3 goals in 76 seconds!

1961 Ford Taunus Transit.

Unlike its direct competitor, VW’s fetishized T1 Kombi, the Taunus Transit is a bit of a blank sheet. Not a counter culture icon, never shown on record covers, just a plain old bus. A rare one, though. Most of these spent decades on the job, instead of oldtimer exhibitions.

1978 Citroën Méhari (3rd generation)

A fine example of French automotive pragmatism and a representative of a market niche long forgotten: leisure vehicles.

1981 VW T3 Dehler.

An aircooled classic from the heart of the ’80s. This super rare, all-original Dehler conversion has an 100 hp engine with automatic transmission, a lowered chassis, a very stylish custom coachwork and a hifi system, that deserves your favourite 808 mixtape played loud.

2014 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG coupé.

Oh, yes, wait a minute, Mr. Postman …
Is Germany the only country where shippers offer AMG express delivery? Probably.

1966 VW T1.


1965 Auto Union SP 1000 coupé.

One of the last Auto Union, built just before VW purchased the brand and renamed it after one of the four original Auto Union car makers from 1932: Audi.

2014 Jaguar F-Type coupé.

"It’s good to be bad."
(Actor Ben Kingsley, Jaguar F-Type spot)

Viciousness, megalomania and a taste for power used to be classic Teutonic cinematic attributes—until Jaguar hired some British dudes to claim them in the name of the crown.

That’s unfair, honestly. Most British villains in movie history were dorks. Fact. All great villains, including the prototypic Dr. Strangelove, were German! So please, Jaguar: you can rant about our Porsches—but keep your furry paws off our bad guys.

1998 Maserati Quattroporte Modena.

Perfect vehicle if you need to stay “under the radar” after some Mafia airport deal. Also, the massive 417 hp Modena tuning kit will make shure your escape is a successfull one.

2012 Ferrari FF.

Can’t there be a 300 000 Dollar Volvo sports car instead of a Ferrari station wagon, too?

1964 Ford Taunus 12M (P4) station wagon/ transporter.

The M in 12M was for “masterpiece”. Unfortunately, the 12M wasn’t a very masterly conception. Designed by Ford in Detroit, it failed to make it in the US market and was ultimately sold in Europe only.

1969 Dodge Coronet 440 coupé.

Chrysler’s B platform was the basis for some of the greatest American classic cars: Plymouth Road Runner, Dodge Charger, Super Bee—and: the handsome Coronet.